Rig Hut, the pioneering truck parking management software platform, is revolutionizing the industry once again with the launch of its powerful new Enterprise Management Suite.

This state-of-the-art truck parking software solution provides large-scale operators with unparalleled visibility, control, and efficiency across expansive multi-site parking portfolios.

“As Rig Hut’s innovative truck parking management system expanded into working with some of the biggest names in the business, we recognized the need for a robust enterprise-grade offering,” said Jake Guso, CEO of Rig Hut. “The Enterprise Suite elevates our unified management capabilities to seamlessly handle the complexities these operators face in overseeing hundreds of truck parking locations.”
Rig Hut’s Enterprise Management Suite delivers a intuitive command center for comprehensively monitoring and optimizing performance across an entire distributed truck parking network. Core features include:

Portfolio Management Dashboard

Gain real-time visibility into occupancy levels, reservation volume, revenue numbers and other key metrics rolled up from all truck parking facilities. With just a few clicks, drill down into location-specific data and insights.

Centralized Control and Reporting

Establish and enforce standardized operational procedures, pricing rules, driver policies and more through a single headquarters system. Automatically generate portfolio-wide reports and share critical insights across teams and stakeholders.

Dynamic Capacity Planning

Intelligently open/close parking availability and reallocate spaces based on predicted demand patterns at each individual site or across the entire network.

Implement frictionless entry/exit procedures using contactless technology like QR codes and mobile credentials. Streamline contactless payment acceptance across all truck parking locations for a modern customer experience.

“We’ve cracked the code on delivering true enterprise-scale visibility, efficiency and growth opportunities that today’s largest truck parking operators so desperately need,” added Guso. “The Rig Hut Enterprise Management Suite sets a new industry standard for truck parking software capabilities.”

The Enterprise Management Suite builds off Rig Hut’s existing market-leading truck parking management functionality, providing turnkey tools to optimize day-to-day lot operations, reservations, payments, driver communications, reporting, and more. This full-stack software platform enables operators of all sizes, from single locations to multi-state portfolios, to leverage cutting-edge technology and data-driven decision making.

The full Rig Hut Enterprise Management Suite is available for implementation immediately. Existing customers can easily upgrade to add enterprise-level capabilities to their current truck parking management setup.
With its pioneering solutions spanning mobile accesss, business intelligence, and now robust multi-site management, Rig Hut is establishing itself as the preeminent technology platform for truck parking operations in today’s connected age. The Enterprise Suite release further solidifies Rig Hut’s market-leading position and vision for a modern, automated future of truck parking management through intelligent software.

To learn more about the Rig Hut Enterprise Management Suite and other innovative truck parking management solutions, visit www.righut.com.

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